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The Dialogue Approach

“The Dialogue Approach” is a practical method to improve your dialogue with others in a way that will  change both your relationships and your self-insight for better. The Approach is based on seven principles suitable for any kind of dialogue, anywhere.

 A life-long potential  

Studies show that even as infants, humans have a natural ability to interact with one another, and that their mental and social development depend on the quality of this interaction. This potential for mental and social development is inherent to people all through their life. Hence, we take as our starting point that everybody can learn to improve their dialogue skills, if they really get into it! It is never too late!

«The Dialogue Approach» emphasizes four starting points for you to improve your dialogue skills:     

  1. Realize that your own efforts are the key to success. Please, try as hard as you can!;
  2. Acknowledge your dialogue partner and treat him as your equal;
  3. Respect your dialogue partner’s emotions;
  4. Control yourself and your own emotions.

 A Practical Approach  

During our course you will be conscious of those aspects of the dialogue which are especially important in order to upgrade the dialogue skills; your owns skills as well as the skills of your dialogue partners. We will teach you how to:  

-          Initiate a healthy dialogue.

-          Be responsible for the interpersonal climate in the dialogue.

-          Be aware of how you may influence others and how others may influence you.

-          Reject intolerable behaviour.

-          Accept the emotions of your dialogue partner, but still preventing those emotions to become a part of yourself.

Organizational Development

«The Dialogue Approach» is well suited to improve the dialogue at your work place.  

It is proven, that by using this method a common understanding and a common language, both amongst employees and amongst departments, may more easily emerge and hence ameliorate cooperation. By improving the dialogue, everyone will be able to spend more time solving his or her main professional tasks.

«The Dialogue Approach» is a practical method. Through our course, we engage the participants in group discussions, presentations and roleplays.

A Course over two Days

For English speaking customers, we have developed a 12 hours course on «The Dialogue Approach», running over two consecutive days.